Mental Health Youth Advocate

About Mental Health Youth Advocate


Recognizing the importance of youth involvement in promoting mental health awareness and providing support within their communities.


Equip young individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to advocate for mental health awareness and provide support services. Foster a supportive environment where mental health issues can be discussed openly and without stigma.


Expert-led Training: Conduct thorough training sessions under the guidance of expert psychologists, focusing on active listening, mental health services, and advocacy skills.

Skill Development: Nurture essential skills in active listening, empathy, and effective communication to enable advocates to provide meaningful support.

Community Outreach: Engage youth advocates in spreading awareness and providing mental health support across various communities.


The initiative has successfully trained 60 passionate youth mental health advocates, each equipped to make a significant impact in their communities. Through the efforts of these youth advocates, Lal Sabuj Society has provided counseling services to approximately 5,000 individuals, promoting mental well-being and support.By ensuring youth participation in mental health advocacy, the program helps destigmatize mental health issues and fosters a supportive and understanding environment.