Meet The Founder


Tahsin has dedicated the past 14 years to the development of children and youth. His innovative ideas, dedication, leadership, and creativity aim to bring positive changes to society, focusing on climate action, mental health, skill development, youth engagement, journalism, and more. His activities span the nation, driving impactful initiatives.

Growing up in a family of teachers, Tahsin developed an early interest in reading and writing newspapers. This passion, coupled with encouragement from his aunt, led him to start a children’s magazine called “Monthly Lal Sabuj” with his friends Fahim and Nayeem at the age of 12. He wrote about various issues faced by children in his locality and, leading a group of 30 determined individuals, brought the magazine to a level of acceptance and recognition. However, after a few years, he realized that writing was not enough to make a change; action-based work was needed. This realization led to the formation of the “Lal Sabuj Society” in 2015.

Currently pursuing a master’s degree after completing his undergraduate studies in social science, Tahsin has extensive experience in journalism. He has worked as a sub-editor in local newspapers and as a feature writer in national newspapers. His journalism and leadership skills were honed through training at institutions such as the Bangladesh Press Institute, BBC Media Action, and various NGOs.

Tahsin has represented Bangladesh on the Young People Action Team by UNICEF Headquarters in 2019 and worked with UNICEF South Asia as a Youth Climate Change Champion in 2020. His work spans various national and international platforms, showcasing his commitment to climate action and youth development.

At 15, Tahsin received the Meena Media Award in 2013 for his contributions to journalism on child rights issues. In 2019, he participated in the world’s first youth summit centered on climate, the UN Youth Summit. For his involvement in volunteer work, he received the UN Volunteer Award in 2021. These recognitions highlight his active public engagement and impact on society.

As the President of the Lal Sabuj Society, Tahsin oversees initiatives across most districts of Bangladesh and is now expanding beyond borders. His work focuses on sustainable measures related to climate, raising awareness, and providing services on youth mental health. He is committed to ensuring youth participation and skill development in journalism, providing opportunities for new individuals to showcase their talents.

He is dedicated to bringing positive changes to society, constantly thinking about solutions for climate change and youth development. Tahsin also aims to work on the mental health of his organization and everyone around him, ensuring a holistic approach to societal improvement.