Your Phychologist

About Your Psychologist


Leveraging social media to provide widespread access to mental health resources and support, especially for those who may not have access to traditional mental health services.


Offer practical tips and strategies for self-care and mental well-being through engaging and informative video content. Foster a positive mental environment by addressing common mental health questions and providing actionable advice.


Insightful Videos: Share videos featuring expert psychologists addressing common mental health questions, offering practical tips for self-care, and nurturing positivity.

Practical Tips: Provide viewers with easy-to-implement strategies for maintaining a healthy mental environment and fostering personal well-being.

Expert Guidance: Regularly feature expert advice and insights to help individuals navigate their mental health challenges and improve their overall well-being.


Utilize the reach of Facebook to engage a broad audience, making mental health support and information accessible to many. Equip viewers with the knowledge and tools they need to prioritize their mental health and implement effective self-care practices. Promote a culture of mental wellness and self-improvement, encouraging individuals to take proactive steps towards maintaining a balanced life. Through this initiative, Lal Sabuj Society has reached 1,200 people, significantly enhancing mental health awareness and support within the community.