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About Ushno Porosh


Recognizing the severe impact of winter on underprivileged communities, especially those lacking adequate winter clothing. Providing essential winter clothing to those in need, ensuring their health and well-being during the harsh winter months.


Distribute winter clothes to underprivileged individuals to protect them from the cold. Identify and reach out to the most vulnerable individuals, including those living on the streets, to provide them with blankets and other warm clothing.


Community Survey:  Conduct surveys to identify individuals and families in need of winter clothing in each district.

Clothing Collection:  Collect winter clothes and blankets through donations and other means.

Distribution Events:  Organize events in designated locations within each district to distribute the collected winter clothing to those in need.

Street Outreach:  Distribute blankets and warm clothing to people sleeping on the streets at night, ensuring immediate relief from the cold.


Since 2019, the project has been implemented in 10 districts, distributing 100 to 150 winter clothes annually in each district during the winter season. A total of 8,000 underprivileged individuals have received winter clothing through this initiative, providing them with much-needed warmth and comfort.