Project – Trishna Metai (1)

About Trishna Metai


Addressing the critical need for hydration among individuals exposed to extreme heat, including roadside workers and rickshaw pullers. Mobilizing volunteers and community resources to provide relief during the summer season.


Distribute lemon juice, oral rehydration salts (ORS), and sherbet to refresh and hydrate people working in the hot sun. Encourage volunteers to actively participate and raise donations, fostering a sense of community and collective effort.


Preparation of Refreshments:  Volunteers prepare lemon juice, food saline (ORS), and sherbet using raised donations.

Distribution Events:  Organize distribution points in various districts where volunteers offer refreshments to roadside workers, rickshaw pullers, and other individuals exposed to the summer heat.

Volunteer Engagement:  Involve Lal Sabuj Society teams across all districts in the preparation and distribution process, ensuring active community participation.

Awareness Campaigns:  Educate recipients about the importance of staying hydrated and provide information on preventing heat-related illnesses.


The initiative reaches approximately 25,000 people each year, providing essential hydration and relief to those most affected by the summer heat in 28 districts. By offering refreshing drinks and ORS, the initiative helps prevent dehydration and heat-related illnesses among vulnerable populations. The project fosters a strong sense of community support and solidarity, encouraging volunteers to contribute their time and resources to a humanitarian cause.