Teach the Teachers (11)

About Teach the Teachers

Recognizing the pivotal role of educators in shaping young minds, the “Teach the Teachers” initiative aims to empower teachers with the knowledge and tools to effectively educate students about climate change.


To equip teachers with comprehensive understanding and effective methods for discussing climate change with students, fostering a generation of environmentally aware youth.


  • Learning Sessions: Youth climate advocates from Lal Sabuj Society conduct interactive sessions with teachers on climate science, its causes, impacts, and mitigation strategies.
  • Workshops: Practical workshops designed to equip teachers with resources and teaching strategies tailored for discussing climate change in classrooms.
  • Discussion Panels: Engaging discussions with educators on integrating climate change education into the curriculum and addressing students’ concerns effectively.


Implemented in 10 primary and secondary schools across Bangladesh, engaging 450 teachers. Empowered teachers with knowledge and skills to educate students about climate change, reaching potentially thousands of students annually. By empowering educators, the initiative aims to create a lasting impact on environmental education and advocacy among the younger generation.