Sobar Jonno Ifter (7)

About Shobar Jonno Iftar


Recognizing the importance of providing iftar meals to underprivileged individuals and street dwellers during the holy month of Ramadan. Offering nourishment and support to those in need, ensuring they can observe Ramadan with dignity and comfort.


Organize daily iftar meals for street people and rickshaw pullers throughout the month of Ramadan. Mobilize volunteers and collect donations to prepare and distribute iftar meals to underprivileged communities.


Donation Collection:  Lal Sabuj Society volunteers collect donations from individuals and organizations to fund the iftar meals.

Meal Preparation:  Volunteers prepare nutritious iftar meals, ensuring they meet dietary needs and cultural preferences.

Distribution Campaign:  Meals are distributed along roadsides and to designated locations in each of the 28 districts where the Society operates.

Daily Support:  Consistent delivery of iftar meals ensures that street dwellers and rickshaw pullers receive nourishment every day throughout Ramadan.


In total, 35,000 iftar meals were distributed across 28 districts during the Ramadan month. Providing essential meals to underprivileged individuals, fostering community solidarity, and ensuring everyone can observe Ramadan with dignity.