The Plastic Market initiative (29)

About Plastic Market


Instilling the importance of environmental responsibility and conservation in primary-level students through hands-on activities and incentives.


Educate students about the significance of recycling and proper waste management practices. Encourage students to actively participate in conservation efforts and develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment.


Plastic Collection: Students actively collect plastic waste, which is then sold to recycling centers.

Tree Planting: Proceeds from the plastic sales are used to purchase trees, which are planted within school premises.

Eco-friendly Rewards: Students are rewarded with eco-friendly products such as clay toys, trees, and books for their contributions.


The initiative has engaged over 20 schools and reached approximately 2,000 students across Bangladesh, promoting environmental awareness and action at a grassroots level. By involving students in recycling and tree planting activities, the initiative educates them about the importance of waste management and environmental stewardship. The Plastic Market initiative not only promotes immediate environmental benefits but also instils a lifelong sense of responsibility towards environmental conservation in young minds.