mon ki bole (3)

About "Mon Ki Bole?"


Addressing the critical need to educate university students about mental health, self-care practices, and supporting the well-being of peers and relatives.


Provide university students with essential knowledge and practical strategies to maintain their mental well-being and support others. Emphasize the importance of self-care practices and mental health maintenance.


Educational Sessions: Offer informative presentations on the fundamentals of mental health, including common issues, self-care practices, and strategies for maintaining mental wellness.

Interactive Workshops: Conduct workshops where participants can engage in discussions, activities, and role-playing to practice recognizing signs of distress and providing support.

Practical Insights: Share practical tips and strategies for maintaining mental well-being, including stress management techniques, mindfulness practices, and healthy coping mechanisms.

Peer Support Training: Teach students how to identify signs of mental distress in friends and relatives and how to offer appropriate support and resources.


By educating university students on mental health and self-care, the sessions empower them to prioritize their own well-being and actively support their peers and relatives. Foster a deeper understanding of mental health issues and promote a culture of openness and support within university communities. Equip students with the skills to recognize and address mental health concerns in their social circles, creating a supportive environment for all. Through this initiative, Lal Sabuj Society has reached 3,000 university students, significantly enhancing mental health awareness and support across campuses.