Community Meeting (5)

About Community Meetings


Recognizing the significant lack of awareness about mental health issues in rural communities, particularly in Bangladesh.


Educate attendees about the concept of mental health, promote self-care practices, and emphasize the importance of nurturing children’s mental well-being. Equip participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to prioritize and improve their own mental health, as well as that of their children.


Informative Presentations: Clear explanations about mental health concepts, practical self-care techniques, and strategies for supporting children’s mental well-being.

Interactive Discussions: Encouraging questions and facilitating open dialogue to address concerns and enhance understanding.

Sharing Personal Stories: Optional sessions where guest speakers or community members share their experiences with mental health challenges and recovery.

Practical Activities: Providing participants with hands-on exercises and actionable strategies they can integrate into their daily lives.


By conducting meetings in community yards, the program ensures accessibility for residents in rural areas across Bangladesh. The initiative has reached approximately 15,000 individuals. Through knowledge dissemination and practical tools, the meetings empower participants to take proactive steps in improving their mental well-being and fostering healthier family environments.