Mental Health Booth (3)

About Mental Health Booth


Addressing the often-overlooked issue of mental health in urban communities, promoting awareness, and providing support through accessible means.


Increase understanding of mental health issues and the importance of mental well-being in urban areas. Offer personalized counseling and support to individuals based on their specific needs and assessments.


Personalized Counseling: Youth advocates provide one-on-one counseling sessions based on assessment outcomes, offering tailored support and guidance.

Interactive Education: Engaging the community with quizzes, focus games, and informative materials to foster a positive atmosphere and educate about mental health.

Community Engagement: Setting up booths in urban areas to reach a broad audience, making mental health support and information easily accessible.


Through this initiative, Lal Sabuj Society has reached 5,000 community members, significantly increasing mental health awareness in urban areas. More than 1,000 individuals have received personalized counseling, helping them address their mental health concerns and promoting overall well-being.