Menstrual health protection (10)

About Menstrual Hygiene Awareness


Addressing the critical need for mental and physical well-being education, sexual organ awareness, disease prevention, and menstrual hygiene for adolescents.


Educate adolescent girls about menstrual health and hygiene practices to ensure their well-being. Equip students with essential knowledge on maintaining their overall health and preventing diseases. Ensure access to sanitary napkins through the installation of ‘Shurokkha Box’ dispensers in schools.


Health Sessions: Conduct sessions in schools focusing on mental and physical well-being, sexual organ awareness, disease prevention, and menstrual hygiene.

Interactive Education: Engage students through interactive discussions and activities that emphasize the importance of menstrual health and proper hygiene practices.

Resource Provision: Install sanitary napkin dispenser boxes named ‘Shurokkha Box’ in schools to provide students with easy access to necessary hygiene products.

Empowerment through Knowledge: Provide comprehensive information on menstrual health, enabling students to take control of their well-being and reduce the stigma around menstruation.


Through this initiative, Lal Sabuj Society has successfully raised menstrual hygiene awareness among 3,000 girls, empowering them with knowledge and resources for better health. The installation of ‘Shurokkha Box’ dispensers ensures that students have access to sanitary napkins, promoting proper menstrual hygiene practices. By addressing various aspects of adolescent health, the initiative fosters a holistic approach to well-being among students.