Safe Touch Unsafe Touch (9)

About Good & Bad Touch

Addressing the urgent need to educate primary school children about body safety and empower them to identify and respond to safe and unsafe touches.


Teach children the difference between safe and unsafe touches and the importance of personal boundaries. Equip children with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves from potential harm. Foster a supportive and open environment where children can express their concerns and learn protective measures.


Storytelling Approach: Use engaging and age-appropriate storytelling to explain concepts of body safety and safe vs. unsafe touches.

Interactive Sessions: Conduct interactive sessions led by trained youth volunteers, encouraging children to participate, ask questions, and share their thoughts.

Practical Guidance:  Provide practical advice on what to do if they experience or witness unsafe touches, including how to seek help from trusted adults.

Creating Safe Spaces:  Foster an environment where children feel safe and comfortable discussing their concerns and learning protective measures.


Through this initiative, Lal Sabuj Society has reached approximately 10,000 primary school students, significantly raising awareness about body safety. By educating children on safe and unsafe touches, the campaign empowers them to safeguard themselves and respond appropriately to potential threats. The initiative creates a supportive and informed community, where children are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves from harm.