Extending our reach to Nepal

Lal Sabuj Society continues its mission to create meaningful impact beyond borders. With a dedicated team in Nepal, we aim to replicate the success of our programs, adapting them to the unique needs and challenges of the Nepalese society. Our expansion into Nepal signifies our commitment to global cooperation and our belief in the power of grassroots initiatives to drive sustainable development.Through our involvement in the Youth Engagement in Democracy (YED) project, we had the privilege of connecting with Nepali youth and discovering shared goals and aspirations.

This experience opened doors for us to go beyond borders and establish our presence in Nepal. As part of our journey in Nepal, Lal Sabuj Society is proud to integrate our efforts with to empowering Nepalese youth to become active agents of change in their communities.Together, with our dedicated teams in Bangladesh and Nepal, Lal Sabuj Society remains steadfast in its commitment to finding and solving societal problems, advocating for meaningful change, and creating a better world for all. Join us in our journey of impact and empowerment!

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