Children's Climate Club (1)

About Children's Climate Club


Recognizing climate change as a critical global issue, the initiative harnesses the potential of young individuals to drive meaningful change. The program addresses the urgent need for youth engagement in climate action, given their direct stake in the future. The initiative focuses on fostering curiosity and equipping students with comprehensive knowledge about climate change. By doing so, it empowers them to understand the complexities of the issue and actively contribute to solutions.


The primary objective is to develop a generation of informed, proactive youth capable of advocating for climate action within their schools and communities. The program aims to nurture young leaders who will champion sustainable practices and policies.


Interactive Sessions: These sessions cover climate science, its causes, and impacts through engaging, interactive methods.

Educational Games and Activities: Activities designed to make learning about climate change both fun and informative.

Guest Lectures: Sessions with environmental organizations and climate experts to provide students with deeper insights and real-world perspectives.

Student-led Projects: Initiatives focused on addressing climate-related issues such as waste reduction and energy conservation.

Awareness Campaigns: Efforts to raise awareness within schools and communities about the importance of climate action.

Fundraising for Environmental Causes: Organized events to support environmental initiatives and projects.

Events/Presentations: Platforms for students to share their knowledge and inspire others to join the movement for climate action.


With over 20 clubs across Bangladesh, the Children’s Climate Club creates a significant ripple effect. The program engages approximately 1,000 students as climate action advocates, who in turn influence their peers, families, and communities, extending the impact to around 2,500 students. By empowering the youth to take action, the program contributes to a more sustainable future for Bangladesh. It fosters a culture of environmental stewardship and prepares the next generation to tackle climate challenges effectively.