Eco-friendly Tourism awareness (3)

About Eco-friendly Tourism


The initiative aims to foster a culture of responsible travel and ecotourism, emphasizing the importance of minimizing environmental impact while enjoying natural attractions.


Educate travelers about the significance of responsible travel practices and the negative impacts of improper waste disposal. Encourage eco-friendly tourism practices that contribute to environmental conservation. Teach school children about climate change and the principles of ecotourism.


Awareness Events: Hosting events at Kuakata Sea Beach to educate travelers on responsible travel practices and the importance of avoiding trash and plastic disposal in the water.

Interactive Activities: Conducting fun and informative activities to engage travelers and raise awareness about ecotourism.

School Programs: Taking the message to schools to educate children about climate change and the importance of ecotourism, instilling eco-friendly values from a young age.


Through this project, Lal Sabuj Society has engaged 2,500 people, raising significant awareness about eco-friendly tourism. Successfully removed 550 kg of plastic waste from the beach area, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. 50 food cart owners have been made aware of responsible waste disposal practices.40 beach photographers have been engaged in eco advocacy, promoting responsible tourism through their work. Inspired 250 students and empowered 30 in climate action initiatives, fostering the next generation of eco-conscious individuals. Installed 150 awareness boards to continuously remind travelers of responsible tourism practices. Planted 50 tamarisk trees, contributing to coastal reforestation.