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About CV Writing Workshop


Lal Sabuj Society organized a CV Writing Workshop aimed at equipping passionate youth with essential skills for job applications. The workshop focused on teaching participants how to effectively craft a CV tailored to various workplace environments, enhancing their employability and career prospects.


Provide practical guidance on structuring and formatting CVs to highlight skills and experiences effectively. Teach participants how to customize their CVs for different job roles and industries. Equip youth with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently apply for jobs and pursue career opportunities.


Guided Sessions:  Conduct interactive sessions led by experienced trainers to explain the components of a strong CV.

Hands-on Exercises:  Engage participants in practical exercises to draft and refine their own CVs under guidance.

Personalized Feedback:  Provide individualized feedback and tips to help participants improve their CVs.

Industry Insights:  Share insights on industry-specific CV expectations and trends to prepare participants for diverse job markets.


Through this initiative, Lal Sabuj Society equipped 1000 passionate youth with the essential skills to craft effective CVs. Participants gained confidence and readiness to apply for jobs across various sectors, contributing to their career advancement.