Climate Talk (8)

About Climate Talk


Open dialogue fosters a deeper understanding of climate change and facilitates the exchange of diverse perspectives, which is essential for comprehensive climate action.


Encourage participants to engage in discussions about the root causes, extensive impacts, and potential solutions to climate change.Enable participants to share knowledge and experiences, thus empowering them to contribute actively to climate change solutions.


Opening Presentation: A brief introduction to the topic of climate change to set the stage for the discussion.

Open Dialogue: Facilitated discussions where participants can share their knowledge, concerns, and ideas.

Guest Speakers: Inviting experts and activists to provide insights and answer questions.

Brainstorming Solutions: Encouraging participants to brainstorm potential solutions and action steps at both the individual and community levels.


Conducted in over 20 schools across Bangladesh, this program fosters open dialogue on a national scale. The initiative has reached nearly 500 teachers and 2,500 students across the country. By promoting knowledge sharing and active participation, the program empowers individuals to become proactive agents of change in their communities.