Global Climate Strike (15)

About Climate Strike


Recognizing the urgent need for policymakers to take decisive action against climate change and advocating for immediate and impactful measures.


Urge policymakers to implement policies and actions that address and mitigate the effects of climate change. Engage and empower the younger generation to take an active role in demanding climate justice and fostering a collective commitment to combat the global climate crisis.


Strikes and Protests: Organizing annual strikes and peaceful protests in Dhaka, Chattogram, Barishal, and Mehendiganj Upazilla to demand urgent climate action from policymakers.

Energetic Slogans: Utilizing powerful and energetic slogans to emphasize the critical need for immediate climate action.

Youth Inclusion: Actively involving youth in the organization and execution of the strikes, highlighting the importance of their role in advocating for climate justice.


Through these climate strikes, Lal Sabuj Society has engaged approximately 15,000 youth, fostering a strong and active movement for climate justice. By involving young people in these activities, the initiative empowers the younger generation to take ownership of the climate crisis and advocate for sustainable solutions.