Climate Change Workshop (3)

About Climate Change Workshop


The workshop is premised on the recognition that young people play a critical role in addressing climate challenges. By empowering the youth, we harness their potential to become proactive agents of change.


The primary objective is to equip young individuals with the essential understanding and tools to effectively address climate change.


Interactive Learning: Employing methods such as simulations, group projects, and case studies to foster interactive learning and critical thinking.

Skill Development: Concentrating on essential skills such as data analysis, problem-solving, and communication, which are crucial for addressing climate change.

Action Planning: Guiding participants through the process of developing actionable plans for their schools or communities.

Guest Speakers: Inviting experts and activists to share their knowledge and inspire the participants.


Through a combination of online and offline workshops, the program has reached 10,000 young people across Bangladesh, making a significant national impact. The program extends beyond raising awareness by equipping young people with the skills and knowledge necessary to take concrete actions against climate change.