Climate Change School Session (8)

About Climate Change School Sessions


Climate change is a multifaceted issue, and early education is essential for fostering understanding and action. This initiative targets young individuals who will play pivotal roles in shaping a sustainable future.


Educate students on the causes, consequences, and specific impacts of climate change on children and their communities in Bangladesh. Inform students about the harmful effects of single-use plastics on the environment and the importance of reducing plastic waste .Equip students with the knowledge and understanding needed to become environmental stewards and advocates for sustainability.


Interactive Presentations: Deliver climate change concepts in an age-appropriate and engaging manner for students.

Impactful Visuals: Use pictures, videos, and data to vividly illustrate the consequences of climate change and plastic pollution.

Discussions and Activities: Facilitate critical thinking and brainstorming sessions on climate change solutions and reducing plastic footprints.

Guest Speakers: Invite environmental experts and activists to share their experiences and inspire students.


Conducted in over 20 schools across 15 districts in Bangladesh, the program has reached more than 2,500 students. By fostering knowledge and a sense of agency, the program empowers young people to become advocates for a sustainable future.