Cleanup Awareness Campaing (5)

About Cleanup Awareness and Campaign


Recognizing that clean environments are essential for human health and well-being. Addressing littering as a significant contributor to ecosystem harm and a barrier to effective climate change mitigation.


Educate individuals and students about the importance of cleanups and the adverse effects of littering. Encourage the adoption of sustainable practices and responsibility for waste management. Use funds generated from plastic sales to plant trees, promoting a circular economy and environmental restoration.


Educational Campaigns and Workshops: Conducting workshops and campaigns to raise awareness about cleanups and proper waste disposal practices.

Monthly Cleanup Campaigns: Organizing regular cleanup drives in designated areas across districts to combat littering and foster community participation.

Plastic Sales for Tree Procurement: Selling collected plastic to generate funds for purchasing trees for plantation, thereby creating a sustainable environmental cycle.


Operating in 30 districts throughout Bangladesh, the program has engaged approximately 10,000 youth in cleanup activities, marking a significant nationwide effort for environmental cleanliness. By integrating awareness building, community engagement, and sustainable practices, the program ensures a comprehensive impact on environmental sustainability and community well-being.