Children’s Climate Summit (14)

About Children's Climate Summit


The Children’s Climate Summit is premised on the understanding that addressing climate change effectively necessitates collective action and collaboration across diverse groups. By convening experts, activists, and students, the summit provides a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and fosters a sense of shared responsibility. Here is the rationale in detail. They bring valuable insights and experience in climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. As the future generation most impacted by climate change, students hold the potential to be influential agents of change. Facilitate the exchange of knowledge between students and experienced professionals. Instill a sense of responsibility among students for climate action.


Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and best practices on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies between students and climate professionals. Promote collaboration among stakeholders (experts, activists, and students) to generate innovative solutions and build a united front against climate challenges.

Activity Details:

Panel Discussions: Featuring experts and activists discussing various climate change issues and solutions.

Interactive Workshops: Providing hands-on learning opportunities for students to understand adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Presentations: Allowing students to showcase their climate change projects or research.

Networking Sessions: Facilitating interactions between students, experts, and activists for knowledge exchange and potential collaborations.

Group Activities: Engaging students in collaborative activities such as brainstorming solutions or creating action plans for their communities.


Through this summit, we aim to engage 500 students in climate action and raise awareness in 50 schools across Barishal. Our vision is to organize similar summits in every district of Bangladesh, amplifying the impact and fostering a nationwide movement for climate action. By empowering students and fostering collaboration, the Children’s Climate Summit contributes to a more sustainable future for Bangladesh, preparing the next generation to tackle climate challenges effectively.