Debate Training and Competitions (10)

About Bitorker Path


“Birtorker Path” organized by Lal Sabuj Society in Barishal district aimed to enhance the debate, public speaking, and communication skills of youth through an intensive 3-month training course. This initiative sought to empower participants with the necessary skills and confidence to articulate ideas effectively, engage in constructive debate, and communicate persuasively.


  • Provide comprehensive training in debate techniques, public speaking, and effective communication.
  • Enhance participants’ confidence in expressing themselves and presenting their ideas in public settings.
  • Foster critical thinking skills necessary for analyzing and formulating persuasive arguments.
  • Equip youth with tools to become effective communicators and leaders in their communities.

Training Components:

Debate Skills:  Techniques for preparing arguments, rebuttals, and structuring debates.

Public Speaking:  Strategies for confident and persuasive public speaking, including voice modulation and body language.

Communication Skills:  Effective communication principles, active listening, and clarity in conveying ideas.

Workshops and Practice Sessions:  Hands-on exercises, mock debates, and presentations to apply learned skills.

Feedback and Evaluation:  Regular feedback sessions to monitor progress and provide constructive criticism.

Guest Speakers and Mentors:  Invited experts and experienced mentors offering guidance and real-world insights.


Duration:  A 3-month intensive training program conducted in Barishal district.

Sessions:  Regular workshops, practice sessions, and interactive discussions.

Culmination:  Final debate competitions or public speaking events to showcase participants’ skills and achievements.

Community Engagement:  Encouragement for participants to apply their skills in community debates or public forums.


Approximately 200 youth participated in the Birtorker Path training, benefiting from enhanced debate, public speaking, and communication skills. Participants gained valuable skills and confidence, enabling them to articulate their views effectively and contribute to constructive dialogue within their communities. The training laid the foundation for ongoing skill development and engagement in public discourse, fostering a culture of effective communication and critical thinking among youth in Barishal district.