Project Aporajita (9)

About Aparijita


Recognizing the critical need to enhance women’s safety and empower them with the skills necessary to protect themselves in various situations.


Provide comprehensive training sessions to young women, equipping them with essential self-defense techniques. Foster a safer environment by enabling women to effectively defend themselves and reduce the risk of violence. Empower women with the confidence and skills to take control of their personal safety.


Training Sessions: Conduct extensive self-defense training sessions across 5 districts, providing practical skills and techniques for personal safety.

Interactive Workshops: Engage participants in interactive workshops that cover various aspects of self-defense, situational awareness, and risk assessment.

Expert Guidance: Involve experienced trainers and self-defense experts to deliver high-quality training and ensure participants receive the best possible instruction.

Safety Awareness Campaigns: Complement the training with awareness campaigns that highlight the importance of women’s safety and self-defense.


Through Project Aparajita, Lal Sabuj Society aims to train 6,000 young women across 28 districts, creating a significant nationwide impact on women’s safety. By providing essential self-defense skills, the initiative empowers women to take proactive steps in protecting themselves and enhancing their personal safety. Addressing women’s safety at various levels, Project Aparajita aims to create a substantial and lasting impact, fostering a safer environment for women throughout the nation.