About Sakibul Alam

Background: Sakibul Alam is from Dinajpur City. Sakibul is currently a General Secretary of Dhaka district team at Lal Sabuj Society. Since the society works on improving the environment, he also focuses on this through his work with them. He has been with Lal Sabuj Society since 2023.

Inspiration for Volunteer Work: Growing up in Dinajpur, Sakibul saw a lot of poverty. Many people lived in very poor conditions because they didn’t have enough money. From a young age, he wanted to help these people and share in their struggles. His love for volunteering comes from his desire to lift these individuals up and the smiles he sees on their faces motivate him to keep helping.

Motivation for Joining: Sakibul joined Lal Sabuj Society because he was worried about the environment. He knew the society played an important role in protecting and improving the environment, so he decided to volunteer and help with these efforts.

Memorable Projects: One project that stands out for Sakibul was giving out trees in exchange for plastic. They set up a booth with different kinds of plants. People would bring plastic bottles and in return, they got a tree. This project aimed to reduce plastic use and had a big impact on him.

Skills and Experience: Through his work with Lal Sabuj Society, Sakibul has gotten better at speaking and has developed leadership skills.

Enjoyment of Volunteering: Volunteering with Lal Sabuj Society has helped Sakibul meet new people and feel a strong sense of community. He enjoys this shared purpose and connection with others.

Personal Goals for the Future: Within Lal Sabuj Society, Sakibul wants to help transform it into an international NGO that provides jobs for many poor people. Outside of the organization, he dreams of becoming a fashion model. Sakibul sees Lal Sabuj Society becoming an international NGO where many disadvantaged people can find work and improve their lives. He is committed to working towards this goal and making a significant impact on both the organization and the community it serves.