About Sahariyar Jaman Rahad

Background: Sahariyar Jaman Rahad is from Feni District. Rahad is currently serving as the Branch President of Lal Sabuj Society in Feni District. He has been a part of the organization since 2021.

Inspiration for Volunteer Work: Volunteering provides an opportunity for Rahad to meet new people, build friendships and gain valuable experience, skills and networking opportunities that contribute to his personal growth or career advancement. Rahad joined Lal Sabuj Society for personal growth, social networking, skill development and youth empowerment.

Memorable Projects: One memorable project Rahad has worked on with Lal Sabuj Society is the “Plastic Market” initiative.

Skills and Experience: Through his involvement with the organization, Rahad has gained leadership and communication skills.

Enjoyment of Volunteering: Rahad enjoys helping others, making meaningful connections with new people and learning new skills through volunteering with Lal Sabuj Society.

Personal Goals for the Future:  Within the organization, Rahad aims for career advancement, skill development, taking on leadership roles, making significant contributions and gaining recognition. Outside the organization, his goals include furthering his education, personal growth, health and wellness, financial goals and community involvement. Rahad sees a promising future for Lal Sabuj Society in advancing environmental awareness and community engagement. He envisions himself playing a significant role in this progress.