About Rejwana Karim Purba

Background: Rejwana Karim Purba is from Chattogram. She was born in Rajshahi, Chapainawabganj and grew up in Chattogram. Rejwana serves as the District Volunteer Coordinator and Treasurer for the Lal Sabuj Society Chattogram wing. She has been a part of the organization since 2021 and continues to contribute.

Inspiration for Volunteer Work: Rejwana was inspired to get involved in volunteer work to become a better person and to understand how helpless people are suffering so that she can help them. Rejwana’s passion for helping people and practising good deeds as a human being motivated her to join the Lal Sabuj Society.

Memorable Projects: One memorable project for Rejwana was her first project in 2021, named “Trishna Mitai.” Leading this project successfully was a significant milestone in her volunteering journey.

Skills and Experience: Rejwana has gained numerous skills from her time with the organization including becoming more organized, passionate, decisive and creative. She has developed good leadership abilities, built a strong community and network, continuously learns new things and supports mental health through good deeds.

Enjoyment of Volunteering: Rejwana enjoys the supportive nature and mutual help among volunteers at the Lal Sabuj Society.

Personal Goals for the Future: Within the organization, Rejwana aims to create a strong team of volunteers passionate about their work. She strives to undertake unique projects that have not been done effectively by others and aims to work as a long-term volunteer on the national stage. Rejwana envisions the Lal Sabuj Society working at an international level and hopes to be an important part of it. With her four years of experience, she feels capable of contributing to documentation work and providing leadership within the organization.