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About Mst. Azizun Nahar

Background: Azizun Tama comes from the picturesque village of Moukaron in the Patuakhali district of Bangladesh. She grew up amidst the natural beauty of rivers and fields. She serves as the National Volunteer Coordinator for Lal Sabuj Society, responsible for facilitating communication and providing guidance to volunteers across the country.Tama’s journey with Lal Sobuj Society began on June 25, 2019

Inspiration for Volunteer Work: Her inspiration to engage in volunteer work starts with the opportunity to directly contribute to social development alongside people from diverse backgrounds and professions. The recognition and impact garnered from her work with Lal Sobuj Society, reaching individuals from urban centers to remote rural areas, serve as a driving force to continue their engagement in social work.

Memorable Projects: Among the various initiatives, Tama particularly cherish events focused on women and children, such as the “Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch” awareness sessions conducted in schools. The joy and curiosity of the children during these events leave a lasting impression.

Skills and Experiences: Tama’s involvement with Lal Sobuj Society has honed her leadership, communication and public speaking skills. She has also cultivated a strong sense of social responsibility and a community-focused mindset.

Enjoyment of Volunteering: The camaraderie, shared ideas and mutual care during team activities make volunteering with Lal Sabuj Society a fulfilling experience.

Personal Goals for the Future: Her personal goals within the organization include further skill enhancement, assuming leadership roles and contributing to impactful projects. Outside the organization, she aims to engage in community service and pursue personal interests for overall growth and well-being. Tama’s envision Lal Sabuj Society as a dynamic and impactful organization, actively contributing to positive change. She aspires to play a key role in its development and wants to contribute through leadership and collaboration on its initiatives.