Binita Rahman

About Mostakima Rahman

Background: Mostakima Rahman is originally from Dinajpur but has lived in various districts due to her mother’s job. Currently, she resides in Dhaka to pursue higher education. From a young age, she enjoyed helping friends and others in need, inspired by her mother’s work with an NGO, which motivated her to get involved in volunteer work. Binita serves as a National Executive Board Member of Lal Sabuj Society, having joined in 2020 as a District Volunteer.

Memorable Projects: One of Binita’s most memorable projects includes starting Sabuj Pathshala for underprivileged children in Dinajpur. She also fondly remembers conducting climate sessions in schools, which she found particularly rewarding.

Skills and Experience: Through her involvement with Lal Sabuj Society, Binita has developed skills in leadership, communication, climate-related expertise, project planning, and public speaking. She has also participated in an international summit in Nepal and attended various trainings, seminars, and conferences.

Satisfaction and Future Goals: Binita finds great satisfaction in the innovative initiatives of Lal Sabuj Society and is proud of the friendly and humble volunteers. Her future goal is to work in the development sector and help Lal Sabuj Society grow into a prominent NGO or INGO, playing a key role in its success.