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About Md Al Mamun Rakib

Background: Md. Al Mamun Rakib was born and raised in Mehendiganj, Barishal. From a young age, he witnessed the struggles of his community, living in one of the most climate-vulnerable areas. Seeing how climate change impacted their daily lives and caused them to lose everything motivated him to get involved in volunteer work. Additionally, his family, particularly his father and uncles who were involved in social work inspired him further. He has been actively involved with Lal Sabuj Society since 2018.

Current Role: Rakib serves as the National Climate Action Focal and simultaneously holds the position of Treasurer on the National Executive Board of Lal Sabuj Society.

Motivation for Joining: Initially, Rakib joined Lal Sabuj Society without any specific motive or plan. A friend named Aninda, an active member of Lal Sabuj Society, introduced him to the organization. As he became more involved, he realized it was a fantastic platform to make a meaningful impact in society. He engaged in various projects such as Climate Action, Safe-touch Unsafe-touch programs and Self-defense for girls discovering it to be a place for learning, leadership and personal growth.

Memorable Projects: One memorable project for Al Amin was his first as a coordinator in 2019 during the annual celebration on February 21st, International Mother Language Day. They organized a Letter Rally (Borno Michil) where participants walked barefoot, holding handmade Bengali letters and flowers while singing the theme song. The preparation involved meticulous planning and hard work, spending nights outside until 4 am with 2 other volunteers. The unique rally garnered media attention making it an unforgettable experience.

Skills and Experience: Lal Sabuj Society transformed Rakib from an introverted boy who spent his free time watching movies or reading books to someone who confidently speaks before hundreds or thousands of people at national or international events. It has been his primary source of personal and professional development.

Enjoyment of Volunteering: To Rakib, Lal Sabuj Society is more than just an organization; it’s a family. The camaraderie and support among members are unparalleled. Celebrating successes and empathizing with each other’s sorrows make the volunteering experience truly fulfilling.

Personal Goals for the Future: His personal goal is to ensure the sustainability of Lal Sabuj Society. As the members grow and become busier with their professional lives, he aims to make the organization financially and structurally sustainable so future generations can continue its impactful work. Outside the organization, he aspires to get involved in documentary filmmaking to shed light on climate vulnerability and its impact on communities worldwide.

Rakib envisions Lal Sabuj Society becoming an international organization operating in multiple countries to realize its vision and inspire millions of youth globally. He is willing to serve in any capacity to ensure this vision becomes a reality.