About Kaium Hossain

Background: Kaium Hossain is from Nalchhiti, Jhalakathi in the Barishal division. He serves as the Joint General Secretary on the National Board of Lal Sabuj Society. Kaium has been continuously involved with Lal Sabuj Society since 2012. Remarkably, twelve years have passed in the blink of an eye.

Motivation for Joining: Organizing became a hobby for Kaium after he joined the Lal Sabuj Society in 2012. The love and dedication of numerous members and their work motivated him to stay on this journey.

Memorable Projects: Just as everyone cherishes childhood memories, the work of the Lal Sabuj Society is like cherished childhood memories for Kaium. Over this long period, he has worked on various projects. One standout project is the annual Eid initiative where they collect money in an honest glass box throughout the entire month of Ramadan. On the day before Eid, they organize an event to distribute new clothes and gifts to underprivileged children. This project has been the most enjoyable for them.

Skills and Experience: Kaium believes that learning never ends. Through his involvement with Lal Sabuj Society, he has been able to build a strong team that consistently supports him in his real-life endeavors. He has developed the ability to deeply contemplate each problem and create various solutions. Additionally, he has honed his leadership skills effectively.

Enjoyment of Volunteering: Working with Lal Sabuj Society and forming genuine friendships with everyone feels incredibly fulfilling and heartwarming to Kaium.

Personal Goals for the Future: Kaium envisions the organization having its headquarters and being independently managed to undertake even larger projects. He wants it to be a place of hope for youth across the entire country. Kaium is committed to staying with Lal Sabuj Society and being fully dedicated to any task in the future. He hopes that Lal Sabuj Society will lead not only in the country but also across the entire world.