About Kaarima

Background: Karima, born and raised in Faridpur, found her passion for helping others from an early age. Karima currently holds the position of Digital Media Associate at Lal Sabuj Society. Having been part of the organization since 2023, Karima has dedicated her time and skills to Lal Sabuj Society.

Inspiration for Volunteer Work: Her childhood experiences witnessing the positive impact of volunteer work on communities fueled Karima’s desire to make a difference and support meaningful causes.

Motivation for Joining: Karima’s decision to join Lal Sabuj Society was driven by her desire to contribute to meaningful social and environmental change. The organization’s commitment to climate action and community support deeply resonated with her values.

Skills and Experience: Karima’s involvement with Lal Sabuj Society has enabled her to develop skills in digital media management, content creation, event coordination, and public engagement, among others.

Personal Goals for the Future: Looking ahead, Karima aims to continue growing within the digital media field and contribute to impactful projects both within and outside Lal Sabuj Society. She intends to utilize her skills to raise awareness about important social and environmental issues.

Vision for the Future of Lal Sabuj Society:  Karima envisions Lal Sabuj Society evolving into a leading organization in climate action and community development. She sees herself playing a significant role in enhancing the organization’s digital presence and outreach to amplify its mission and engage a broader audience.