About Faysal Iqbal

Background: Faysal Iqbal was born and raised in Barishal. Faysal currently serves as the HR Manager for the National Management Team of Lal Sabuj Society. He has been working with Lal Sabuj Society since 2019.

Inspiration for Volunteer Work: Faysal was inspired to volunteer after seeing his younger brother’s work with LSS. The opportunity to contribute to meaningful initiatives and make a positive impact on the community motivated him to join the organization.

Motivation for Joining: Faysal’s motivation to join Lal Sabuj Society stemmed from his desire to work with a dedicated team committed to social and environmental causes. The launch of the Dhaka team provided him with the perfect opportunity to start his journey with the organization.

Memorable Projects:  One of Faysal’s most memorable projects with LSS was “Project Raincoat,” where they distributed raincoats to rickshaw pullers. The smiles and gratitude on the faces of the recipients left a lasting impression on him and remained a proud moment in his volunteer experience.

Professional Experience and Skills:  Faysal has also worked with leading development organizations such as BRAC and UDDIPAN. The skills and knowledge he gained from his work with LSS have greatly benefited his professional life by enhancing his communication abilities, task management and overall work efficiency. Volunteering has provided him with a unique sense of mental pleasure and fulfillment that sets him apart in his professional endeavors.

Enjoyment of Volunteering: Faysal particularly enjoys the working environment and the camaraderie among the members of LSS. Participating in offline events gives him internal peace and satisfaction making his volunteer work deeply fulfilling.

Personal Goals for the Future:  As HR Manager, Faysal aims to help establish 64 teams in all 64 districts of Bangladesh by 2030 and create upazila teams in every upazilla of Bangladesh by 2041. He is committed to the growth and success of LSS, envisioning it as a leading organization working both nationally and internationally representing Bangladesh on a global stage.

Faysal envisions Lal Sabuj Society growing into a prominent NGO or INGO known for its impactful work and inspiring initiatives. He hopes to play a pivotal role in the organization’s development contributing to its success and helping it represent Bangladesh internationally.