About Fatema Tuz Jannat

Background: Fatema Tuz Jannat Noor is originally from Sirajganj. Currently she resides in Dhaka to pursue her higher education. Fatema currently serves as a Research Associate in Lal Sabuj Society. She became involved with Lal Sabuj Society in March 2024.

Inspiration for Volunteer Work: Since childhood, Fatema has always enjoyed helping friends and others in need. Her passion for volunteerism started in school where she engaged in various volunteering groups.

Motivation for Joining: Fatema is passionate about working for the underprivileged and addressing climate change. To make a broader impact, she recognized the need to join a team. The Lal Sabuj Society was the best option for her to work on a larger scale, and it has greatly motivated her.

Skills and Experiences: Through her involvement with Lal Sabuj Society, Fatema has acquired a diverse set of skills including self-development, communication, climate-related expertise, documentation, proposal and report writing, public speaking and project planning.

Personal Goals for the Future: Fatema’s future aspiration is to work in the development sector which is her personal goal. She envisions Lal Sabuj Society growing into a prominent NGO or INGO and she is committed to contributing to its success while working within it.

In the future, Fatema sees Lal Sabuj Society becoming a leading NGO or INGO, known for its impactful work and inspiring initiatives. She aspires to play a significant role within Lal Sabuj Society contributing to its success and reputation.