About Afroza Suravi

Background: Afroza Suravi comes from Barishal, where she was born and raised. Afroza currently works as the Social Media Associate for Lal Sabuj Society. She has been working with Lal Sabuj Society from 2020.

Inspiration for Volunteer Work: Afroza’s journey into volunteer work began with deep-seated inspiration from experiencing the lives of people of different age groups and professions. Witnessing how reaching out to the underprivileged and contributing to solving their problems can make a significant difference inspired her to get involved in the organization.

Motivation for Joining: Afroza’s interest in Lal Sabuj Society began in class 8 when representatives from the monthly Lal Sabuj magazine came to her school for a workshop registration called the KHUDE LEKHOK KORMOSHALA. Although she couldn’t complete the workshop, her interest remained. After her SSC exam in 2020, she joined the organization and gradually started working actively within it.

Memorable Projects: One of Afroza’s most memorable projects was conducting a dialogue session called “No Marriage Before 18” with school students in Alimabad Union, Mehendiganj. The diverse thoughts and lifestyles of the students deeply impacted her and their shared experiences continue to inspire her work.

Skills and Experience: Through her involvement with Lal Sabuj Society, Afroza has gained proficiency in public speaking, leadership, content writing, photography and graphic design. These skills have been invaluable in her role and her involvement with UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited as part of the Young People’s Action Team.

Enjoyment of Volunteering: Afroza cherishes the opportunity to continuously learn new things through her volunteering work.

Personal Goals for the Future: Looking ahead, Afroza aspires to further develop her skills and make a more significant impact within the organization and beyond.