About Asif Iqbal Zubayer

Background: Asif Iqbal Zubayer lives in Barishal and has spent his entire life there. Zubayer is the National Communication Manager and also focuses on mental health initiatives within Lal Sabuj Society. He has previously served as the Volunteer Coordinator of Rangpur division and held major responsibilities such as Treasurer and Joint Secretary of the Barishal district team. He has been involved with Lal Sabuj Society since 2016.

Motivation for Joining: The creative and wonderful work of Lal Sabuj Society inspired Zubayer to join. The organization motivated him to make positive changes in society and contribute to his personal growth. He was drawn to the team of young and dedicated individuals working for the betterment of others.

Memorable Projects: He recalls a particular incident when they were preparing for a program during a storm forecast. Despite the weather, Zubayer and a few volunteers continued setting up the venue and faced the storm together. This experience highlighted the resilience and dedication of the team.

Skills and Experience: Through his involvement with Lal Sabuj Society, he has gained confidence in public speaking and developed strong leadership skills.

Enjoyment of Volunteering: Asif enjoys the vibrant environment, large network and opportunities for growth that Lal Sabuj Society offers.

Personal Goals for the Future: Asif aims to spread the organization across the country so that everyone knows about Lal Sabuj Society. He also aspires to become knowledgeable in mental health to support those suffering from mental stress and be someone they can rely on.

Zubayer envisions the Lal Sabuj Society spreading nationwide and hopes to be part of its journey every step of the way. He views the organization as his own and is committed to its success.