About Lss

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Lal Sabuj Society (LSS) is a youth-led non-political organization dedicated to creating positive social change in Bangladesh. It focuses on various areas such as climate action, mental health, quality education, women empowerment, and inclusive societies.

LSS was established in 2015 by a group of teenagers aiming to engage their peers in community service and promote social change. However, the main journey began on May 1, 2010, with the launch of Lal Sabuj, a monthly magazine.

Yes, LSS is a registered organization with the Bangladesh government’s Social Services Department & Department of Youth Development. (Reg No.- Bari-1906/19, Bari-ni:75/2022).

Individuals or groups interested in proposing new teams or initiatives to LSS can reach out to the organization via email or by scheduling a meeting to discuss their proposals and ideas.

LSS offers various skill development sessions including empathy cultivation, communication enhancement, public speaking, email writing, freelancing, and fire rescue training.

Individuals can get involved by volunteering their time and skills, supporting projects through donations or sponsorships, spreading awareness about LSS’s work on social media, and collaborating on joint initiatives.

Donations to LSS can be made through their official website or by contacting them via email or phone for more information on the donation process.

LSS occasionally offers internship opportunities. Interested individuals can inquire about available internships through their official channels or by contacting them directly.